Cover of Love in Overtime showing basketball scoreboard and couple in silhouette

 Love in Overtime:Worth the Risk

Can Maegan Duggan, a basketball referee, find love with an opinionated television announcer whose opinion is “women shouldn’t referee men’s college basketball”? Her real career goal is to have her own physical therapy clinic for children with special needs. She tries not to get discouraged by how long she’ll be working at a Denver hospital as a physical therapist plus refereeing to be able to afford this dream. There’s no time for romance in her busy life even if she were interested in a certain bigoted announcer.
Sterling Stone played college basketball and he wouldn’t have wanted the distraction a woman referee would be to the game, not to mention his fear of her getting hurt. He’s tired of all the travel required in his present job as a TV announcer. He hopes to host his own TV sports show right at home in New York City. Romance? He’s never believed in love at first sight until the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen lands in his lap on an airplane.

The Legacy Letters by [Franklin, Darlene, Ferguson, Jessica, Collins, Ruth, Fouts, Martha, Johnson, J.J., Rodriguez, Alanna Radle, Tarpley, Chris]

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