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June 2020

Hello Friends and Fellow Readers,

Can you believe it’s June already! And it’s supposed to reach 95 here in Goodwell, OK, today.

Like many we have been sheltering at home because of the Coronavirus, only going to town when necessary.

The last book I read was Robin Patchen’s Legacy Redeemed. I read it out loud to my husband when we traveled to Amarillo for doctor’s appointments and on a short trip we made.

It is part of a series she had written—all excellent reads. There’s at least one more book as part of the Legacy series—Legacy Reclaimed.

            We eventually felt the need to get away from home. We packed up our little R-Pod trailer and drove to Meade Lake, Meade, Kansas. It’s a very small lake. We didn’t go to fish, but we did want to take some pictures. When we arrived, the cottonwood seeds were floating down like a heavy snow. I have a picture of them lining the edge of the road. I saw some things I didn’t get a picture of—wild turkeys, squirrels, and robins. I took several pictures of the sunset across the lake trying to get just the right one. Below you’ll find one of these with the sun’s reflection on the lake just before it dipped below the horizon. We only stayed one night, but it was refreshing. We had no problem staying six feet away from other people. In fact, we didn’t see many people at all.

       Picture of cottonwood “snow”                                      Picture of sunset

            The webpage picture is of a purple iris and of geraniums in our small flowerbed in a planter beneath the Church of Christ Student Center sign in front of our home, and the chapel and recreation room. This summer marks twenty-five years that my husband Sam has been the Campus Minister here.

            Later this month we plan to spend almost two weeks in our trailer in Red River, NM. There we plan to fish for trout, take walks, check in the shops that are open, hopefully eat out a time or so, and relax. Relaxing will have to include some work for both of us. I’ll be editing my WIP, still PROMISES TO KEEP.