advent candles and a wreath

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming and many of us have big plans. Let’s take a moment to look at Christmas past. What is the first memory you have of Christmas—not what someone told you, but an actual memory? We were at home and I remember on Christmas morning my brother got a bicycle and was really excited. I know I got a doll that Christmas because I got one every Christmas and I still have them. But I was very impressed with the bicycle. I don’t know if I was four or five.

Later that day we would have gone to my maternal grandmother’s house for a big Christmas dinner with extended family.

How did people celebrate Christmas in the years before I even lived? I remember my mother telling me she hung a big sock and got an apple, an orange, some nuts, and, if she was really fortunate, a piece of candy.

What do you remember of Christmases long past? Share it with your family.

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