purple iris in bloom

Iris in Bloom

As I enjoyed my iris blooms this year, I thought about how easy it was for pioneers to take these West with them. The dry rhizomes (bulbs) would travel well as long as they were kept dry. They could be put in a cloth sack or just wrapped in paper or cloth, taking up a very small space in the covered wagon. When the destination was reached would usually be a good time to plant these—July, August, or September.

It’s a very hardy plant. Water them well when they are planted about four inches deep and the summer and fall rains followed by snow would be enough to bring them to life. All of mine didn’t bloom the first spring, but more each year.

The iris is a nice big showy flower and purple is the most dominant color. The only drawback is it usually only blooms once a year in the spring. The bonus is the rhizomes double each year to enlarge your flower garden or to share with a friend.

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