Snow on Wheeler Peak, NM

Fun in Red River, NM

My, I have been blessed! I spent last week in Red River, NM which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. There was quite a bit of snow on the taller ones.

My daughter and family also stayed there in a separate condo. Our two youngest grandchildren were there, ages 9 and 7, and it was lots of fun.

There is a private pond on the property, so we did some fishing. How sweet it was to hear our granddaughter squeal, “I caught a fish!” It was her first. Our grandson also got to reel in a very nice trout.

My husband and I had two fish meals. I was really the only one to enjoy eating the trout. They taste so good when freshly caught and cooked. I stuffed myself.

We had delicious food from the local restaurants. There are no chain restaurants in Red River. It was touch-and-go if our grandson could make it without a McDonalds.

 In addition to fishing, there were three playgrounds in town, including the one right outside our condos. Our granddaughter enjoyed all three. She also went horseback riding and was thrilled about that. Our grandson had a new computer and he found it hard to leave it and get out in the great outdoors.

Some played corn-hole outside, seeing who could get the bean bags in the hole or closest to it. We also played indoor games. Papa played chess with our grandson who is becoming quite a good chess player. He’d learned a lot from his computer and he taught Papa some new moves. My granddaughter and I played several table games like “SkipBo,” and “Connect Four Flip.” She was winner take all!

Leaving the mountains behind and coming down to the plains is always hard. But we know they’ll still be there when we have another opportunity to go.

Thank you, God, for your wonderful creation!

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