field of daffodils

Flour dresses and Daffodils

March 31, 2023

I’m sorry to have missed a blog, but I had surgery and am just now feeling like writing.

Have you heard of feed or flour sack dresses? In the late 19 century, flour and feed were packaged in colorful cotton sacks. There were different colors and different designs. Thrifty farmwives used the material in various ways, including making dresses.

I was fortunate enough to have a feed sack dress when I was a little girl. In fact, it was my favorite dress and I regret that my mother didn’t save it for me after I outgrew it.

Maybe you have seen clothes made from feed or flour sacks in a museum. If not, look for ones in the pioneer section of a museum.

And spring is upon us! My daffodils bloomed a couple of weeks ago and still look pretty. I don’t have as many as are pictured, but I enjoy my yellow flowers. I hope you have noticed some this spring.

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