West Texas Writers Academy- June 9-14-2019

I spent an awesome week at West Texas Writers’ Academy at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. This was my second year to go to WTWA, and I highly recommend it to all writers and would-be writers. Mark your calendar for WTWA 2020 June 8-12, and look up the academy information starting in March 2020.

Jodi Thomas and Tim Lewis were the hosts, and Andrea Porter was the events planner. Jodi Thomas spoke on Tuesday night on “How to Critique.” Each morning Tim Lewis started the day at breakfast with a couple of jokes and announcements. He also was available to coach those of us who had an interview with an agent

Two people
Jodi Thomas and Tom Lewis. Leaders of WTWA
Andrea Porter-coordinator-of-workshop

At breakfast Monday through Thursday we were treated to a Powerpoint by KJ Waters on Marketing. She presented a wealth of information. She has her own consultancy firm in marketing.

I chose Lori Freeland’s class which was “The Secrets of a Successful Scene: How Great Scenes Become Strong Stories.” We met from 10-12 a.m. and from 1-3 p.m. Monday through Friday noon. She lectured part of the class using Power Point, with opportunities to ask questions and she gave us a notebook and daily handouts of the lecture. Then she divided us into small groups to work together on assignments and later on our manuscripts

Two teachers
Lori Freeland on right and Margi Lawson on the left.. Teachers at WTWA
Ruth's Class
Ruth’s Class WTWA 2019
Working Group

Pictured with Lori in the top photo is Margie Lawson who was my teacher for my first online writing class and for several since. Also, last year I attended her class about strengthening your writing using a process which she developed.

I had an interview with Rachel Beck of Holloway Literary Agency and we had a very good visit about my manuscript PROMISES TO KEEP.

I have permission to submit it to her agency so I need to finish my first draft and edit it using tools I learned at WTWA.

Rachel is the one on the right sitting in the giant rocking chair at The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, Texas.

The Big Texan restaurant lobby. Two agents sitting in giant wooden chair

The last two pictures were taken at The Breakfast of Champions on Friday morning. One is of my next-door roommate Sharron Edmondson and me. The other is a picture of part of the breakfast group.

About half of the breakfast group gathered for the last day.
Ruth and Sharron Edmondson

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