Month: April 2019

Robin Patchen’s Beauty in Hiding

It was a great second installment of the Beauty series. It kept us interested and guessing. Some foreshadowing of the third book. The start of a romance with a new man, but Harper doesn’t feel she can trust anybody, even him. She’s fearful for her life and for that of her employer Red, an elderly man.This is the second in a trilogy and it is helpful, but not entirely necessary, to read the books in order.Harper Cloud discovered two dead men in Red’s house, where she lives and cares for him. Fearing for their lives, she takes Red with her and goes into hiding in a small town in New Hampshire. There she finds a kind and sympathetic landlord, Jack, who helps her find a job and get Red into an adult day care. She is fearful that either the murderers will find her or Red’s grandson Derrick, her ex-boyfriend, who’s in debt to a loan shark will find them. She discovered that Derrick had attempted to poison his grandfather because he wouldn’t give his grandson hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay his gambling debts. During the course of the book there is a hint of romance between Harper and Jack, but because of her background (given in full in book one) she is afraid to trust men. Both Red and Jack have talked with her about Jesus, and she’s working on having faith. If only bad things wouldn’t keep happening to her, it would be easier to trust Jack, and God.The book ended abruptly with Harper in a lot of trouble and made me eager to read the third book which hadn’t yet been released at that time.

Fruitless Crab Apple blooms, Signs of Spring

Spring has Sprung

We now have blossoms on our apricot tree, and hopefully they weren’t frozen by the last freeze we had.

We made a short trip to Dodge City, Kansas, during our March Spring Break. I always enjoy going through museums and adding to my knowledge of history of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Front Street was once the main street there, and replicas of the original buildings stand three now.

Pictures of re-created Front Street, the business section of old Dodge City below. 
Inside now is a combination of museum and retail. I had my first Sarsparilla in the General Store, and I found it very much like root beer. I learned it was the precursor of root beer. We went behind Front Street to visit the Boot Hill Cemetery. In later years city ordinances forced the removal of the bodies and re-interment in city  

We found out their tourist season is only in the summer. They have a Santa Fe Depot, but we couldn’t see inside it. There’s also a Harvey House restaurant and Harvey Girls’ dormitory, but again closed until June. These types of businesses play a part in my book, PROMISES TO KEEP, and I’d like to see inside so that was a bit of disappointment.

We drove about nine miles west of Dodge City to see wagon tracks from the Santa Fe Trail. I was a little disappointed because I expected to see ruts, but there were depressions in the land where the wagon trains traveled.

front street boardwalk
front street boardwalk
Boardwalk in old Dodge
Mac MCdermott headstone
Mac MCdermott headstone
Dodge City, Ks favorite soft drink

I attended the Canadian River Valley Writers’ Workshop, April 11-13 in Canadian, Texas. While there I had an opportunity for a one-on-one session with writer Tex Thompson to go over my WIP (work in progress). It was a wonderful hour that we spent talking about my book. She made suggestions on how to increase the tension and on evening out the story between the heroine and hero. I have some re-writing to do, but I’m excited about it.Jodi Thomas spoke after dinner on Friday night. She is always a great encourager. Jodi has a new book coming out on May 7th, “The Little Teashop on Main.”