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HOLD THE FORT Regina Jennings

Louisa Bell never wanted to be a dance hall singer, but it was the only job she could find. When the owner takes a shine to a younger singer, Louisa loses her job. The owner offers her an “upstairs” job, but she declines. She decided to go to the western fort where her brother is in the cavalry.

He has often been in trouble, and so is out of favor with the Major in charge of the fort. Louisa hopes to be able to help her brother.

On the train to Fort Reno, she meets a teacher on her way to the fort to be the governess for Major Daniel Adams’ two daughters. The teacher is no longer able to complete the assignment, so she gives the school books to Louisa to deliver to the fort.

When Louisa shows up with the school books, she is immediately thought to be the new governess, and is treated as such. She doesn’t mean to lie, but she needs a place to stay, a new job and a way to help her brother, so she allows them to think she is the new governess.

Meanwhile her brother continues to pull antics and be in more trouble. 

The Major finds Louisa in a secret meeting with her brother and thinks Louisa is meeting a beau. The Major himself finds he is attracted to Louisa.

That romance will grow until he learns of her past life as dance hall singer. Meanwhile the Major’s mother-in-law shows up at the Fort determined to take her granddaughters home with her to civilization. Of, course there is a suitable resolution.

There is a lot of humor in the book and it is a delightful read.

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